Panic attacks

While panic attacks are not dangerous, they can be very frightening, and many sufferers describe the experience as an overwhelming feeling of impending doom, or that they are about to die.  

Some people say they feel an overwhelming urge to escape from the situation they are currently in, for example, they may suddenly feel the need to get off the bus, or perhaps escape from a meeting at work. 

Symptoms of a panic attack often include rapid heartbeat breathlessness (hyper ventilating), dry mouth, nausea, sweating, dizziness/feeling faint, disorientated, shaking and for some, an upset stomach.

Some people also experience chest pain and think they are having a heart attack.

Panic attacks can happen very suddenly and while they usually only last for a matter of minutes, they can leave the sufferer feeling very shaken and exhausted afterwards.

Anxiety attacks are different to panic attacks, since anxiety symptoms have a tendency to gradually increase and build up over a period of time, minutes, days, weeks, and months, whereas panic attacks are very sudden and pass quite quickly, usually between 10 minutes or half an hour.
If you find yourself having a panic attack, try to stay calm and slow your breathing down by breathing in very deeply and slowly through your nose, and then breathe out very slowly through your mouth.  Repeat this breathing exercise until your can feel your heart rate slowing down to a normal rate.

If you find that you are constantly worrying about having future panic attacks, to the point you start to avoid people or situations, then you may be suffering from panic disorder.  If you are avoiding public places or open spaces, that is known as agoraphobia.

In order to avoid the potential for further panic attacks, it is important to try and identify what may causing your stress?  Exercise, good sleep, healthy nutrition and daily breathing exercises are all very good for reducing stress and boosting your mood.


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