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Stress = High levels of cortisol = poor sleep = decrease in ability to make good decisions (including food choices). High cortisol also = fat storage (visceral fat) around abdomen. 

Poor sleep impacts hormones and energy levels.  If we are tired – we produce more Grehlin, the hunger hormone.  This is more likely to make us reach for a quick sugary snack or high carbs.
Leptin – the hormone that tells us we are full decreases, so we want to eat more.  Hunger increases by 24%, appetite by 23% and high carb, high sugar cravings by 30%.
Too much sugar before bed wakes us up in the night because the sugar crash wakes us up!
Sugar acts as the taxi to fat cells and cortisol favours fat so increases fat storage.

When we are sleeping poorly, we are making poor choices, again, this can include food choices.

Dopamine gives us the motivation to go out and hunt for food, and when we find our food, we get a reward that makes us feel good. The brain then craves that reward again and again and so we repeat the same patterns of behaviour in search of the reward.

Dopamine nags us to reach for that glass of wine or that packet of biscuits after a hard day at work, but WE CAN DEVELOP NEW AND MORE POSITIVE HABITS.  Every day is like a chain of habits, breakfast, getting dressed, grabbing keys to leave the house etc.  We can re-train our brain to develop new and healthier habits and the more we put them into practise the easier they will become.
When I do ‘X’ then I will then do ‘Y’. etc.


Keeping that stress bucket empty gives us better intellectual control to make better choices and achieve our desired outcomes.

Losing weight doesn’t MAKE you happy – but being HAPPY makes it possible to lose weight and keep it off.

Every journey begins with a small step and a bigger purpose – what do your imagine your first step will be?

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