Pain Management

There are different types of pain, such as acute pain and chronic pain. 

Acute pain is often referred to as short term pain and can be as a result of an accident, or short term illness, and this is usually dealt with by your GP who may prescribe the appropriate painkillers to suit your level and cause of pain.

Chronic, or long-term pain may include conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia or other medical conditions.  It is important to visit your GP first if you are experiencing long term (chronic) pain so that you can get a correct diagnosis.

Hypnosis for pain

There are many alternative therapies available today to help with symptoms of chronic pain, and hypnotherapy, which uses a mind/body approach has been recognised as one of the most successful techniques.  The latest neuroscience research shows that hypnosis can suppress the brain’s perception of pain using deep relaxation.  During hypnosis, we can bypass the conscious mind and gain access to the subconscious, which opens the mind up to the power of positive suggestion, allowing you to focus on relaxation and let go of distracting thoughts and sensations.

Stress and anxiety are both common side effects of pain and can often exacerbate the sensations you are already experiencing

Long term, this can sometimes lead to depression as the repetitive cycle of pain/stress/anxiety becomes overwhelming, effecting your day to day quality of life. Hypnotherapy cannot cure your chronic pain but hypnosis for pain relief helps to refocus your mind away from the pain, also reducing stress and relaxing the nervous system to help it become less reactive to the pain.

The number of sessions required will depend entirely upon your personal circumstances and can vary from 4 sessions to 8 sessions or more.

You will also be given an MP3 recording to listen to at home to help you relax whenever you feel the need. When our minds are relaxed, our bodies also relax.


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