Be the person you seek to be, your real self…

Welcome to Renaissance Hypnotherapy based in Baston, Cambridgeshire.

Renaissance Hypnotherapy is a professional practice based in the quiet rural countryside village of Baston and my therapy room offers a calm and relaxing environment where you can begin the process of starting your journey to a happier you.
Solution focused hypnotherapy is a modern, clinically proven form of therapy based on the latest neuroscience research.

It is a non-intrusive therapy which doesn’t require clients to talk about the past, but instead focusing on the present and the future using a goal directed approach, focusing on solutions, rather than the problems that initially prompted the client to seek therapy.

When we find ourselves stuck in the problem, we tend to lose sight of where we would prefer to be. A solution focused approach helps you to identify and achieve a happier and more positive outcome, enabling you to get back on track and live life to your full potential.

Suffering From Depression

Pain Management

Sports Performance

Fears And Phobias

Coping With Tinnitus


Dealing With Stress


Weight Management

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Confidence Building



The initial consultation allows us to assess your current position, including any current symptomology you may be experiencing, and we will also discuss what it is you would like to achieve as your preferred future.

I will explain to you how the brain works, how we can sometimes feel the way that we do and more importantly, what we can do about it. This session can last approximately 45 – 60 minutes and should you wish to proceed, subsequent weekly sessions last for 1 hour.


I had used hypnotherapy back in 2003 and had already experienced the benefits of this technique. I was therefore intrigued to try it again to help me cope with anxiety, irrational sleep, negativity and confidence issues. My sessions with Gillian were very thought provoking and enabled me to rationalise my negative thoughts and constantly remind myself of positive thoughts. As a result, my blood pressure is much lower and my anxiety is almost non-existent. My sleep patterns have improved and I feel generally much better in myself. My outlook on life has improved and I feel far more confident about tackling the issues that I have been faced with in the past. I would certainly recommend Gillian to anyone needing help to move forward.

Sue, Baston

Hypnotherapy with Gillian helped me to unlock what was always inside of me, a desire to improve and to be a better and happier me!

Alice, Stamford

I have been able rationalise everything that we have talked about and as a result been able to beat my fear of flying. Many thanks for your help.

Michael, Baston

I’ve recently finished having hypnotherapy sessions to help with my anxiety. When I first went to Gillian, I was so lacking in confidence and feeling down in myself. I struggled with leaving the house some days because my anxiety was so severe. I have tried counselling and medication but neither worked for me personally. Since finishing hypnotherapy, I’ve found my voice, I know how to stand up for myself, I’m more bubbly and confident and my family and friends have all noticed a massive change in me. I feel I can now tackle problems head-on. I am so proud of how far I have come and I couldn’t have done it without Gillian. She never made me feel judged or uncomfortable, she is always welcoming and kind. I couldn’t recommend hypnotherapy or Gillian enough.

Natalie, Baston


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